List of official Smolverse NFT collections.

Smol Brains (Smols)

Smol Brains are the original, flagship product of the Smolverse collection. They are a progressively-evolving on-chain NFT, that'll grow their big brains over time as they gain IQ via staking in the Smol School!

Smol Bodies (Swols)

Often referred to as "Swols," Smol Bodies are also a progressively-evolving NFT that grows in body size as it stacks plates.

Smol Pets

Smol Pets are the companions to Smols and the latest addition to Smolverse. There are two variations associated with Smol Brains and Smol Bodies.


Smol Cars

Banana Cars that Smols use for Smol Racing.


Motorcycles that Swols use for Smol Racing.

Smol Treasures

5 resources that were harvested from being on the moon (in order of value/rarity):
  • Moon Rock
  • Stardust
  • Comet Shard
  • Lunar Gold
  • Alien Relic
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