About Smolverse

Smolverse is a fun and playful NFT project and community built on Arbitrum L2, with our flagship product Smol Brains amassing notable adoption, including holders Gary Vee and Mario Goetze.

What began as a free mint in October 2021, has evolved into a cultural movement with significant IP/brand potential and a vibrant community of artists, builders, storytellers, memers and die-hard fans. All of this coming together to create the one-of-a-kind, welcoming (and a little bit wacky!) Smolverse we know today.

Smolverse was the first proof of concept NFT project built in the Treasure ecosystem, and is deeply integrated with Treasure's currency, MAGIC. In the short span of the first 10 months, Smolverse had done ~$73M of marketplace volume on L2, and grown to 45k Twitter followers and 16k Discord members.

Since its inception, the Smol Team has delivered story-based on-chain activities that have contributed to the evolution of Smolverse, launched a fully interactive walkable world, migrated the Smolverse NFTs on-chain, working with Darkbright Studios (Treasure's in-house game studio) to build a AA game and much more.

The Smol Team plans to continue bringing these humorous and engaging on-chain activities to the Smol community, while continuing to bring utility and rewards to Smol holders. Our vision for Smolverse doesn't end there though. We see an enormous opportunity for Smols to become a larger-than-life brand, elevating web3 gaming to inherently fun products that transcend crypto and enter the mainstream.

With the Treasure team's strong conviction in Smolverse, they established Darkbright Studios (An in-house game development studio) to create our Smolverse flagship AA game, Smolville! We are excited about the bright future ahead!

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