Smol Racing (Complete)

Our newest staking activity in the next chapter of Smolverse.

What is Smol Racing?

Now that the Smols have settled in Canopy City, theyโ€™ve built a race track to fairly compete for MAGIC and other prizes in Smol Racing, a new era of staking activities.

You can stake your Smol Brains or Smol Bodies to compete in โ€˜Smol Racesโ€™ against NPCs! If you place top 3 for a daily race, you'll win Trophies. The Trophies will be redeemable for a number of prizes including MAGIC, skins and outfits (?!), upgrades to your Smol Cars / Swolercycles, and more.


  • You can now stake your Smol and Swol to compete in โ€œSmol Racesโ€ and be eligible to earn Trophies (once per day)

  • Racers will need to check their results 24 hours after starting a race and decide if they want to re-race or unstake.

  • Races take place throughout a 60 day season and race winners will earn Trophies that can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the season as the Smol treasury accumulates prizes and MAGIC

  • There may be occasional redemption periods for non-MAGIC prizes during the course of the season.

  • Racers can improve their chances of winning by using โ€œBoostsโ€ which come from adding additional Smols and Swols to your vehicles as co-pilots.

How-To Guide

Before you get started, be sure your Smols are unstaked from any other on-chain activity and head to

Step 1: Select Your Drivers.

You can take some co-pilots along for the ride with a maximum of 4 Smols per Smol Car or 2 Swols per Swolercycle. Each additional Smol or Swol staked with a Smol Car or Swolercycle will increase your chances.

Step 2: Select your vehicle.

Be sure to select the collection-specific vehicle for your designated driver(s): Smol Car for Smols & a Swolercycle for Swols.

Step 3: Send your Smols & Swols to Race.

Click "Race", approve your tokens for Racing & send them to the track! Each race is 24 hours and you'll be able to see a red countdown timer on each of your vehicles.

Once your Smol or Swol with their respective vehicles are sent to the race track, they'll be locked for 24 hours until the race is over so you won't be able see them in your Trove inventory until they're unstaked.

Step 4: Check Your Results

Click the "watch race" button to check your results after 24 hours of starting your race & to see if you won any trophy rewards! If you want to see all the trophies you've collected, click on the "Trophies" button!

Step 5: Race again or Unstake

After completing a race and checking your results, you'll need to decide whether you want to send that Smol or Swol back to the race track (24 hour lock) or unstake them. This will need to be done individually with each Smol or Swol.

Select the vehicle and click the "Restake" button to send them back to the race track.

Select the vehicle and click the "Unstake" button to unstake them.

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