Introducing Special Edition Smols!

An oversight in the original Smol Brains NFT launch was that 1-of-1 female Smol Brains weren't included. We've thought long and hard on how to correct this without disrupting the existing NFT collection and we've settled on a solution! We're excited to release a new capability of on-chain Smols built by MouseDev! Youโ€™ll now be able to combine multiple female Smol Brains into new Special Edition versions (limited quantities available)!

Up for grabs!

VIBES (2 female Smols):

  • Boater

  • Energy Dome

  • Trapper

  • Top Hat

HYPE (3 female Smols):

  • VR

  • Headphones

  • Fez

  • Headphones

  • Blue Hoodie

  • Gray Hoodie

  • Green Hoodie

  • Purple Hoodie

  • Red Hoodie

A transmolgrified Smol overwrites your existing NFT in the Smol Brains collection rather than adding a new NFT to the collection! In order to obtain a Special Edition Smol, you will need to use an existing female Smol ON TOP of the cost listed above. For example, you will need 3 females to claim any Smol from the VIBES level! These Special Edition Smols will have limited quantities, so they will be FCFS! Transmolgrification does NOT change any existing NFTs and you are not forced to update your female Smol Brains. Instead, you will be able to swap multiple NFTs for a Special Edition Smol NFT if you so decide. Note however that, once combined, these will be โ€˜burnedโ€™ which means you wonโ€™t be able to revert and recover any of your original Smols! Choose carefully!

  1. Unstake your female Smols

  2. Select a category option from VIBES or HYPE

  3. Select the Special Edition Smol Brain NFT

  4. Click Checkout

  5. Select 3 female Smols

  6. Select one you want to overwrite

  7. Complete transaction

You may have noticed that the original female characters lacked 1 of 1s and had less differentiation than their male counterparts which can be attributed to the challenge of creating visually appealing female outfits within the constraints of a limited pixel art canvas. We also realized that a problem was that the original male NFTs had playful category concepts (wizards, pirates) while the females tended to have more normal streetwear. Therefore, the new Special Edition Smol NFTs feature more imaginative and fun concepts!

__โ€œWill this devalue my existing rare female Smol Brains?โ€ __ Not at all. The number of female to male Smol Brains will be 1:3 after Transmolgrifying them. Assuming everyone Transmolgrified their Smols, the total supply of all Smol Brains would decrease from ~13,000 to 8,000 as a result. We strongly discourage holders from viewing Smolverse NFTs as speculative assets. We are trying to create NFTs that better suit our community and allow for greater personal expression. Smols are not investment contracts and you should not have any expectation of profit from this project.

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