Smol Chop Shop

It's time to upgradEEEEEEEE
The Smol Chop Shop is now open for business!
You'll be able to exchange your trophies won from Smol racing S1 for coconuts that'll be used to redeem some fun prizes in the Chop Shop! Coconuts can be used to purchase and upgrade a selection of awesome vehicle skins for your Smol cars or redeemed for $MAGIC. Only 1 skin will be claimable per car!
These limited edition vehicle skins will act as an exclusive access pass to play in other Treasure ecosystem racing games as a Smol in the future, so don't miss out on the fun! More details will be shared down the line!
We're currently working on Swolercycle skin redemptions and we'll announce when it's live. For Swols that don't want to wait for Swolercycle skin purchases, you can choose to exchange your coconuts for $MAGIC in the meantime!
There won't be Smol racing S2 as we are focused on providing more interactive minigames thematically relevant to Smolville and interoperability with other Treasure ecosystem games like our recent successful collaboration with The Beacon!
It's time to unleash your creativitEEEEEE and modify your car to your heart's content! Tag us on Twitter @Smolverse and show us your fully modified Smol cars for a chance at a feature 🏎️

Unstake your Smol from Racing Guide

The Smol Racing page will be deprecated on Tuesday, Feb.7! Unstake your Smol/Swol vehicles from the Chop Shop by clicking on the un-stake button and completing the TX!

Trophies > Coconuts Guide

In order to purchase a vehicle skin for your Smol car, you'll need to convert your trophies into coconuts. Here's the conversion chart:
Coconut Cup = 3 Coconuts 🥥🥥🥥
Coconut Trophy = 2 Coconuts 🥥🥥
Coconut Medal = 1 Coconut 🥥

Step 1: Head to and connect your wallet! Then walk to the Chop Shop and open the modal!

Step 2: Click on the "Exchange Coconuts" section

Exchange on the top right!

Step 3: Input the number of trophies you'd like to convert into coconuts, click "Convert" and complete the transactions

Note: You'll see a red message on metamask saying "You're granting access to all the NFTs on this contract..." for the first tx. Rest assured, it is safe!
Convert your trophies into coconuts herEEEEEEE

Vehicle Skin Purchase Guide

You can only purchase one skin per car! Skins are tokenbound to the Smol car and the mods purchased can be equipped or unequipped. The selection and availability of mods are dependent on the skin purchased.

Step 1: Select a Smol Car you'd like to purchase a skin for and customize with mods

Step 2: Select a Smol Car you'd like to purchase a skin for and customize with mods (If available) then click next

Step 3: Select and purchase a colour for your vehicle skin (Optional)

Step 4: Select and purchase aesthetic mods for your vehicle skin if applicable and complete the transaction which will deduct from your coconuts (Optional)

Purchase success!

Step 5: After purchasing the mods for your vehicle skin, you'll be able to equip them to the skin (Optional)

Equip the mods you bought to your vehicle skin!

MAGIC Redemption Guide

Note: Each coconut will exchange for around 1.31 $MAGIC.

Step 1: Select the exchange for coconuts section and click on the $MAGIC toggle

Step 2: Input the number of coconuts you'd like to exchange for $MAGIC and click on "Convert"

Conversion success!