🌕Volume 3: Smols on the Moon


Volume 3 sees the Smols evacuate Smol Earth on a shuttle and land on new frontiers: Smol Moon. Smols discover a new species of ape, Smol Bodies, through a telescope on Smol Earth, and send a rescue trip to save them. Smol Brains and Smol Bodies farm on the Moon, until an Asteroid hits the Moon leaving behind a mine of Treasures.

Main Events

  • Smol Astronauts: After a tumultuous journey, Smols finally land on the moon and discover it is completely barren. This prompts an extreme sense of urgency to get building and developing, and conduct research.

  • Swols are discovered: A new species of ape were discovered on Earth when Smol scientists used a telescope to look back on Smol Earth. They were hairless apes with huge muscles and small heads. They appeared to be in desperate need of help as they had no way of escaping the inhabitable Smol Earth. Smols were tasked with the decision to watch these defenceless apes suffer or plan a rescue trip.

  • New Species given name Smol Bodies AKA Swols: Smol community came together to discuss whether or not the Swols should be rescued. Smols decided to make the noble decision to depart on a rescue mission. The bravest of Smols manned a rocket-powered evacuation capsule to collect and save the Swols. Future collaboration and cohesion would be required, though some Smols continued to have reservations about this decision.

  • Smol Bodies are rescued: Smols and Swols manage to land safely back on the moon after a turbulent rescue mission. There is no time to waste; Smols and Swols have to get to work and begin farming.

  • Smol Pets are gifted to staked Smols: Smol Pets are introduced to the Smolverse world as companions to Smols and Swols.

  • Harmonious Smol Buildoors: There is a period of tranquility as Smols and Swols continue to build and work together to build a home on the moon.

  • Smol Asteroid: An asteroid heads towards the moon base erupting commotion among the Smols and Swols. The Smols desperately pled for help.

  • Smol Farming and Smol Treasures: The asteroid left behind a mine of treasures which the Smols began to mine from. Smol Brains developed tools like shovels and pickaxes, while Smol Bodies put their well-trained physiques to good use. Swols begin digging (under watchful Smol supervision) and reveal what seemed to be caverns below.

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