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Smolville Game

The hi-fidelity flagship simulation video game built atop Smolvers!
In August 2022, we announced our partnership with Strider, a team of ex-AAA Gaming veterans that'll work in unison with Darkbright Studios (Treasure's in-house game studio) team led by game director Purple Snow (Additional hires incoming!) to build the Smolville game!

What is Smolville?

Smolville is the working title of the future hi-fidelity Smolverse hybrid Life and Strategy simulation video game featuring crazy quests, player crafting, player-to-player marketplaces, community social experiences, and much more!

The Vision for Smolville

Game director Purple Snow went over the grand vision for the Smolville video game inclusive of the roadmap and a breakdown of the inspiration behind the development! The presentation also gives you a taste of what Smolville can be for Smolverse! Check out the full presentation 👇

Smolville Roadmap

Follow the progress of the Dev team on the road to a playable demo of Smolville (the Bananacar is where we’re at right now)!

What's next?

Keep track of the game development process and updates on the Hub!
Game Director Purple Snow will be doing regular polls to get a taste of the Smolverse community's preferences for the game in Discord, so make sure to participate!
Stay in the loop with all the latest updates through our Smolverse Discord in the "Smol Game" channels and the all-encompassing Smolville Notion Hub! In the Hub, you’ll be able to find all the latest information from the Dev team about their progress on the development!