Volume 2: Smols on Earth


Volume 2 takes place on Smol Earth, where Smols earn IQ and harness technology to build better infrastructure. When it seems like life can't get any better, Smols enter a state of emergency due to a volcano and are forced to evacuate Smol Earth.

Main Events

  • Smol Earthlings: Smols rushed to get their Smol Brains staked to begin earning IQ. (Also by staking their Smols, qualified for future airdrops).
  • Smol Civilization: As Smols gained IQ, they began to harness technology to build new inventions and infrastructure on their lands.
  • Smol Cars: As Smols evolved and got bigger, they became more innovative. They got the idea to put wheels onto bananas and coconuts to help them get around the island.
    • Staked Smols end up getting to mint a Smol Car for free.
  • Smol Earth Continued: Smol Scientists began building launchpad and worked on a shuttle. Small crack that had progressively grown bigger in size was beginning to concern Smols about the state of their land on Earth.
  • Smols got to work. No delay in the building of the Shuttle and Smols, with their enhanced cognitive abilities, had managed to construct a shuttle while the large crater continued to pose a larger threat to the safety of the community.
  • Smol-Pocalypse: The Smols experienced a state of emergency as a volcano emerged and further threatened the inhabitance of Smol Earth. Smols were instructed to evacuate school premises immediately to prepare to make their escape on the Smol Shuttle and continue on new frontiers.
  • Unveiling of Smol Roadmap: In the midst of the chaos, the Smol team release “master plan” roadmap.