On-chain Migration

The Smols are EEEEEEmbarking on a journey on-chain!
The Smols are going on-chain!
We're thrilled to announce the launch of on-chain Smol Brains, marking the beginning of a new EEEEEra! We recently concluded successful audits with Macro in preparation for migrating Smolverse directly on-chain, with the updated contracts written by MouseDev, a Solidity engineer at Treasure and the creator of the Anonymice project!
This is a significant milestone for Smolverse & we're excited about the possibilities it presents! Discover what this milestone means for the future of Smolverse & how you can migrate your Smol Brain on-chain

Why on-chain?

Fully on-chain art is in a completely different league than IPFS-hosted images. By inscribing art directly into smart contracts, it allows for true and permanent ownership of the asset while ensuring the art will never be lost in the event of an IPFS outage! On-Chain Smol Holders will be trusting the durability of the Arbitrum rollup, which inherits the security assumptions of Ethereum itself.
Moving on-chain will also come with exciting new features while retaining the core codebase: customizable head size, hairless females, spendable IQ, and more!

Customizable Head Size

On-chain Smol Brain holders can customize and change their Smol's head size at any time (0-5) assuming their Smol has enough IQ for the preferred size in the Smol Wardrobe. Each larger head size requires 50 additional IQ, which can be earned for free by enrolling the Smol into school to study!

Toggle Hair on Female Smols

bEEEEEEEautiful Smols
On-chain female Smol Brain holders will have the flexibility to change their Smol's appearance by toggling their hair on or off, opting for the hairless look typically associated with the male Smols or the classic Smol Bouffant!

Spendable IQ

For on-chain Smols, IQ will be on-chain and spendable, which means holders can finally reap the rewards of their studying! New items will be added to Smolverse that can only be bought with IQ, beginning with the Smol Brains Land! Additionally, IQ will also act as a tracker of time spent in the community. Increases or decreases in IQ will result in dynamic head size adjustments to the on-chain Smol itself!

Dynamic Traits

Holders are able to earn new costumes & wardrobe items that can be added to their Smol(s) on-chain as traits! Rest assured, we're approaching customization with great caution.
To ensure that the rarest Smol traits from mint (eg: wizards) do not become devalued as a result of personalization, the Trove marketplace will only display the base Smol. Users will have to click on a specific Smol listing and browse its wardrobe to see the traits they can layer on the Smol.

Batch Un-staking

With the migration on-chain, holders will now be able to stake or un-stake all of their Smols from school in a single transaction to save time & gas fees!

On-Chain Migration Details

Note: On-Chain Smol Brains has a separate contract than the original NFT. Holders will need to burn their existing NFT to receive an identical token ID for the new contract.
Like Cryptopunks, we're not requiring holders to participate in this change. Holders are free to hold onto their off-chain Smol Brains and the images will remain on IPFS. However, we can't promise the same permanence of this art as compared to On-Chain Smols!
As of today, the Trove marketplace will only have buyable/sellable listings for the on-chain version of Smols, so you'll need to re-list your Smol after completing the on-chain migration.

On-Chain Migration Instructions

Step 1: Visit our dedicated migration page:

Step 2: Click Migrate & go through the transactions to migrate your Smol(s) on-chain

Note: You'll see a red message on metamask saying "You're granting access to all the NFTs on this contract..." for the first tx. Rest assured, it is safe!

What's next?

Sooooo colourful
We'll be focusing on migrating the rest of Smolverse on-chain starting with the Smol Bodies & their PLATES. Like the hairless female Smols, the Swols will get a colourful new feature in addition to the migration of the core functionality in the coming Swol update…