Smolverse 101

A TL;DR for newbie Smols.


Core Products

Smolverse is currently comprised of 3 core NFT collections: Smol Brains, our original flagship product, Smol Bodies, and Smol Pets.
Additionally, Smol Cars and Swolercycles are NFTs used for Smol's to get around (see Smol Racing) and Smol Treasures are resources harvested from being on the moon.
Read more about our collections.

Start with MAGIC

MAGIC is the currency of the Treasure-verse, the ecosystem that Smolverse lives in.
Refer to this guide here to learn how to bridge and buy MAGIC.
You can use MAGIC to trade/purchase Smolverse NFTs on Trove:

Smolville Game

Smolville is the working title of the future hi-fidelity Smolverse hybrid Life and Strategy simulation video game featuring crazy quests, player crafting, player-to-player marketplaces, community social experiences, and much more! Smolville will be created by Darkbright Studio (Treasure's in-house game studio).
Learn more about Smolville here.

Explore the interactive Smolverse

The interactive Smolverse is a continually evolving team & community imagined walkable art world that will bring the Smol characters and lore to life while driving the next chapter of fun as our flagship Smolville game is being developed 🎮
Read more about the interactive Smolverse here.

Stake Your Smols for IQ & Swols for Plates

Staking for IQ as Smols and plates as Swols are one of the key ways to participate in Smolverse! Learn more here.

Get Involved in the Smol Community

  • Attend our Smol Halls on Youtube Live where the Smolverse & Smolville teams shares updates while answering questions from the community!
  • Join (or host!) an IRL Smol Social event in your city.

Stay Connected With Us

Smolverse Website:
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Smolverse Twitter:
Smolverse Discord:
Darkbright Studios Twitter:
Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice and is for educational purposes only.