Volume 4: Smolverse


In Volume 4, the Mines collapse and geologists suggest all Smols leave the farming mines and caves, ushering Smol Brains and Smol Bodies back to the gym. Smol Bodies receive a new means of transportation, Swolercycles and a smol expedition unfolds that leads a group of Smols through a portal to NYC catalyzing in a rebrand for Smolverse.

Main Events

  • Mines collapse: Smols receive breaking news from the Smol Lunar Surface. Craters and sinkholes begin to appear everywhere. Many Smol families are woken to the moon-shattering sounds and ground shaking due to the collapse of mining tunnels and caves. Smol geologists strongly suggest to get Smols out of farming mines and caves in the next 7 days warning there may be a catastrophic event from the lunar surface instability. Smols and Swols are ushered back to the gym and school.
  • Swolercycles: A census of the plate-lifting leaders of Swolciety determined those who left the moon mines and restaked in the gym would be eligible to receive the keys to a swolercycle. These cycles promised increased mobility along with the freedom of the open highway.
  • Radioactive crater in the moon sparks new adventure: A smol expedition unfolds that takes Smols and Swols to NYC for a short trip. Smol portals were revealed leading to new locations.
  • Smol rebrand sets the stage for Smol cohesion.