Volume 5: Canopy City


Volume 5 sees the Smols unhappy as the Moon becomes uninhabitable. A portal appears and Smolkind decides to leave the Moon for a more promising future. After a tumultuous journey, Smols arrive on Canopy City.

Main Events

  • Moon is uninhabitable. Resources are depleting and Smols are beginning to feel under the weather due to effects of radioactivity from the meteor crater. Population is increasing and more infrastructure, space, and resources are needed for Smols to grow and become happy again.
  • A portal appears. Lora, a new primary character, emerges from a backpacking trip. Spreads word about a new planet that she’s discovered and a resource that made her feel “dizzy with imagination” (eventually revealed to be MAGIC).
  • Entire population leaves the moon.
  • Arrive on Canopy City. Canopy City is a lush and vast forested area where banana trees and coconuts are abundant. Appears to be empty but there’s evidence of early inhabitants.
  • Settle and explore. Smols later discover a vintage TV and dusty game controller among other artifacts.