School & Gym

In the early days as the collective Smol IQ increased, public land evolved through Smolkind's technological discoveries. Smol Bodies later joined the gym to stack plates and grow stronger.

Step 1: Click "Play" on the dashboard.

Visit the Smolverse website ( to "Play."

Step 2: Select a Smol Brain or Swol.

In the bottom left corner, click on the NFT you would like to send to school (for Smol Brains) or the gym (for Swols).

Step 3: Confirm and perform the transaction.

First timers will need to press on the light grey area (Earn IQ OR Stack Plates) 2 times to perform two transactions; one that will โ€œapproveโ€ the staking contractsโ€™ interaction with the selected asset (eg. Smol Brains) and one that will let it begin to โ€œEarn IQโ€ or "Stack Plates."

Step 4: Your assets are now being staked!

Purple circles around your NFTs indicate that they are being staked.

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