Smol Wardrobe

Customize the look of your on-chain Smol!

The Smol Wardrobe is the prime destination for Smol holders to customize the look of their on-chain Smols! In the wardrobe, you can mix and match your Smol's owned traits to create a unique look reflected on-chain through trait equipment.

Female Smols can toggle their hair on and off! But it doesn't stop there. You can also update your Smol's head size!

Only the head size & female hair updates will reflect on Trove as the team wants to preserve the value of the original minted traits like the Wizard hat.

Head to the Smol Wardrobe now and unleash your creativitEEEEEEEEE!

Note: Smols that have not migrated on-chain will no longer be able to claim/buy traits from the wardrobe or equip any traits until after they have migrated! Migrate now ⛓️

Step 1: Head to and connect your wallet!

Click "Explore Smolverse" on the home page, connect your wallet, and enter the Smolverse map. Then walk to the wardrobe (treehouse) on the Smolverse interactive map and click on the space bar or the light bulb to open the wardrobe page!

Alternative option: Head to

Step 2: Select a Smol to customize

Step 3: Equiip your Smol traits

To update the hair, and head size or equip trait categories on-chain, you'll need to click "Apply" after trait selection and then complete the transaction.

The updates will reflect everywhere except for Trove (for eg: school & wardrobe etc.). Only the hair & head size trait updates will reflect on the Trove marketplace.

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