Interactive Smolverse

An interactive look into Smolverse
The next phase of Smolverse fun has arrived, Smols!
The interactive Smolverse is a continually evolving team & community imagined walkable art world that will bring the Smol characters and lore to life while driving the next chapter of fun as our flagship Smolville game is being developed 🎮

What's the long-term goal of the interactive Smolverse and upcoming plans?

Smolverse is a dynamically-evolving world where Smol Brains earn IQ through studying, causing technological breakthroughs that advance the Smol civilization!
Smolverse is continually evolving and this next phase will continue the original vision of the project in an interactive way where Smols will be able to decorate and walk around their Smol Brain Land NFTs! Meanwhile, the total activity by the Smols will cause the overall world to evolve, resulting in upgrades to all land NFTs at predefined intervals.
Land is an evolving, walkable NFT that will change based on individual and collective actions and the world becomes more complex based on the effort that the Smols put into developing it! The initial free-to-explore interactive Smolverse has been launched with the main island (without web3 functionality). In Q2, we are planning to add web3 functionality to support the rollout of the planned features below 🗺
The interactive Smolverse and land will be an evolving artwork that allows everyone to explore the Smol story in an interactive way while providing fun experiences for the community as the Smol team supports our Treasure in-house game studio in developing our flagship AA game aimed at mainstream audiences 🐒🧠🍌

Smolverse 🌍

Smolverse is an explorable world featuring many different islands, each with its own theme and Smol Brains Land NFTs will start as identical slices of Smolverse! Smol Brains can spend IQ to decorate the islands on their Land NFT and add additional animated Smol characters that live on the land. Decorations and characters added to the land will stay on the Land NFT even when transferred. Holders will also be able to explore the world using their owned character(s) and have the option to personalize their look inside Smolverse with skins!

Population Size 📊

The population of Smolverse is the combined number of Smol characters across Land NFTs and as the Population increases, new features on everyone’s land can be unlocked! New islands could be introduced after a set amount of upgrades and global changes happen automatically on-chain whenever the population exceeds the predefined threshold. There may also be disasters that cause decreases the population 🌋 The Smols must work together to collectively advance their civilization 🤝

Islands 🏝️

Main Island

The center of Smolverse includes the buildings that everyone needs: a school, a gym, a house for customizing your character’s appearance, a movie theatre that plays original short films, and more!

Rare Islands

Every land NFT features the same set of islands that can be individually decorated and rare islands can be acquired for a higher amount of IQ. Creating one of these islands requires a Smol to be staked for a long period of time and the rarest will require a single Smol to be staked for 50 years to earn! An island can only be bought using the IQ from one Smol and cannot be transferred between Smols or pooled for purchases.

Treasureverse ✨

Smols will occasionally find portals into other game worlds in the Treasureverse (Interoperability EEEEEE), appearing as separate islands on the map. Rules for adding features to these lands will vary based on the world the Smols find themselves in. An example is our Beacon island and collaboration event that was a mega hit ⚔️

Smol NFTs 🧠🏋️

Smolverse is a world that features Smol Brains, Smol Bodies, Smol Pets and soon many more additional characters that will be added as animated land features!
Smolverse NFTs will be necessary for earning certain land features and some can only be built by using the strength of the Smol Bodies, requiring users to spend PLATES! Smol Treasures could be needed to create unusual objects and characters.
Smol Bodies will be loaded onto the land as playable characters in the future and they can also visit the house to customize their appearance and stack PLATES to get Swoool inside the gym. To customize land, Smol Bodies will need the help of a Smol Brain 🧠

Community Contributions 🤝

Initially, the core features of Smolverse will be developed by the Smol team in coordination with the Smolville game’s creative lead to develop a consistent backstory for Smolverse.
Growing the story to its full potential will require the help of Smol community artists in imagining new characters, landmarks, and island concepts (Building Smolverse is a collective effort!). The Smol team will host community art contests to build on the Smol backstory, help add new elements and the team will even help the winners adapt their submissions to the core art style!
We are putting great thought into how to structure these contests so that all artists can contribute regardless of skill level. Select community artists and creators will be featured inside Smolverse as characters, statutes, and other cool ways!

Long-Term Goal 👀

The land NFT is a transferable piece of art and rare objects are acquired only through free mint resources like IQ (not an initial auction) and Smolverse will be designed to reward long-term collectors!
Eventually, the amount of work that the most dedicated Smols have put into land ownership will result in a truly unique art piece that they own! The collective effort of the Smols will cause the Smolverse world to evolve over time.
The goal for the Land NFT is to be a living record of the Smols’ evolution over time, dotted with the characters, concepts, and real-life individuals that contributed to Smols’ success! Over time, the Land NFT will become a collectible that embodies the Smol story itself–both in terms of the characters and the people who brought it to life 💜